How to make a Marionette!

Getting Started.

1.) Choose your wood carefully. Check for knots and even grain.

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Dan traces the leg stencil’s on the piece of wood he carefully selected.

Start with a beautiful piece of pine 2 1/4 inches square, 12 inches long, with strait grain, freshly faced. It smells and looks inviting – you can almost taste it

Tools will cut through easily to find the leg within.

Beautiful PineTwo

2.) Make your pattern. Draw or sketch the idea in its true size on a large piece of card stock or heavy paper.
Mario Bod Full Pieces

3.) Cut out your patterns to match the shape of your drawing and desired puppet piece.

Make patterns

4.) Trace the leg patters on two sides of the pine block. To make the left leg, flip one of the patters. Make sure there is a small bit of wood showing outside the pattern. This will make the cutting more accurate.

Patterns StartTwo