Butterworth Puppet Making Class

Showing puppets to children2011 West Kingstown Center for the Arts puppet class. Dan Butterworth conducts quick  puppet class with children and adults from Rhode Island and beyond. Class shows how to quickly assemble sophisticated Hand Rod puppets and decorate with hair, clothing, different facial expressions, and ‘specialty add-ons’. Items can also be constructed to put in puppet hands. After puppets are made methods for  manipulation and making characters appear without puppeteer being seen are shown.

Boy Admires Puppet

Beginner Classes
Beginner Classes & School Residencies: Dan Butterworth & Butterworth Productions has performed and conducted residencies from China to Europe, from the Arctic North to Mexico. The award winning events are geared to each audience, each particular celebration. Working closely with teachers ahead of the date, workshops can be used to…


Master Classes
Butterworth travels to center locations to conduct these wooden marionette classes. All that’s needed is a medium sized space, a few simple tools, and five or more students. Each participant learns the following: 1.) How to lay out patterns on selected wood pieces. 2.) Methods for cutting to the piece…
Marinet Pieces

Puppet Making Classes
Specialty Classes and Events: Butterworth Productions teaches groups of all ages and sizes, we also help build large and small events and creations in many dynamic mediums & themes. From 12 foot tall puppets, masks, moving head pieces, layered large forests with moving creatures, permanent museum interactive displays, flying puppets,…