Beginner Classes


Boy Admires PuppetBeginner Classes & School Residencies:

Dan Butterworth & Butterworth Productions has performed and conducted residencies from China to Europe, from the Arctic North to Mexico. The award winning events are geared to each audience, each particular celebration. Working closely with teachers ahead of the date, workshops can be used to teach a wide variety of subjects. Simple, short exercises can still create complex, sophisticated puppets and each session has a movement moment where all are taught quick ways to express emotion. Different puppets are shown for different abilities. Whole school residencies many times end with grand parades, shows in the auditorium, or separate performances in classrooms. With more time allotted, more can be accomplished. Day long sessions with one group allows for full understanding of the medium.

Showing puppets to childrenWeek long residencies lets us create and rehearse performances. Some organizations have specific projects in mind. In 2011 we helped Moses Brown School in Providence, RI create the play Peter Pan. With 12 foot wide shadow screens and flying puppets on 10 foot poles together we wowed the audience.

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