Carnaval Del Mundo

Carnaval Del Mundo Welcome to the Carnival of the World
Enter Into A Feast For Your Eyes and Imagination

Step Right Up… Step Right Up… Step Right Up…

There are few events which can equally capture the attention of both adults and children. Carnaval del Mundo is riveting from the first bright peel of the heralds’ trumpets to the sweetly comical romp of puppies who tumble out into the audience at the end. Adaptable to both large arenas and intimate settings, the show is a continuous series of surprise and spectacle.. An adult version of the show, “Carnivalle”, is perfect for evening theatre: Carnaval del Mundo is a self-contained production. We bring our own lights, sound system and special effects. All we require is 2 electrical outlets near the performance area and 2 hours to seT up and tear down the staging. For venues which have their own lighting system, we are always happy to collaborate with technicians and enhance the production. Dan Butterworth brings his own stage which includes a complete lighting system, a sound system capable of projecting to both large and small arenas, and beautifully painted flats and sets. The audience can sit right on the floor around the semicircular stage, or in a more traditional chair styled seating






WoodStageGalleryAll of our stages are modular and constructed from strong, light-weight materials. This allows for ease in setup and transportation and provides for great flexibility to optimize our performance in many diverse locations.

The technical needs for staging of our performances are: about 2 hours to raise and lower the sets; two outlets near the performance area; and a space 14 feet deep by 9 feet high.

Lose yourself in the magic of dancing marionettes, rod and “flat” puppets,
and light and shadow by one of America’s leading puppet troupes… Butterworths Marionettes…

…a wild, wondrous exploration of music, dance and special effects

A Unique Experience in Puppet Theater!

Dan Butterworth’s intricately hand carved puppets dance and whirl from the stage, through the air, and right out into the audience, moving to a stream of infectious world music. A unique cacophony of puppet styles and genres combine and build until the whole stage becomes one huge moving carnival creature. Supported by the New England Foundation for the Arts since 1979, Dan and his puppets have performed in movies, operas, classical music festivals and TV specials.

Dan’s magical celebrations have been staged from the big city of New York to the Inuit villages of Alaska. Butterworth Marionettes’ ability to travel to the remotest locations allows for an unusual creative interplay rarely found in typical theater organizations. His troupe has toured throughout the world, performing in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and all of the US and Canada.


About the Shows

  • Children’s shows – approximately 45 minutes
  • Adult shows – about 90 minutes
  • Animated productions of” Stravinsky’s ” L’Histoire du Soldat” with various chamber ensembles and full symphony orchestras are also available
  • Dan will also create shows tailored to a specific audience and setting

About the Puppets

  • Every marionette is completely hand made
  • Complimentary demos of puppet making are offered to satisfy the curiosity of every audience

School and Community-wide Events

  • Butterworth Productions’ extremely popular educational residencies can be geared to the curriculum subjects of a class or just plain fantasy
  • These productions are invaluable to schools intent on bringing new audiences (and perhaps their own musicians) to classical music
  • Interactive museum installations, specialty theme events, and large school-wide and community residencies are in the works for next year