Master Classes


Soldier and Princess

Butterworth Marionette Bodys

Hardwood and Aluminum Inserts

Butterworth travels to center locations to conduct these wooden marionette classes. All that’s needed is a medium sized space, a few simple tools, and five or more students.

Each participant learns the following:

  1. How to lay out patterns on selected wood pieces.
  2. Methods for cutting to the piece.
  3. Complex jointery allowing for state of the art movement.
  4. Stringing.
  5. Movement and dance.

Everyone starts with head making. A large selection of special eyes and hair are provided.

Tricks for overlayed painting let everyone obtain beautiful finished marionettes.
The last day is set aside for movement class. With a variety of specially selected music, the group learns ways to make the characters leap, cavort, cry, and twirl. These marionettes come from a long line of extremely sophisticated moving creations. These marionettes can dance!
Allow 10 days for full Marionette Creation. After taking this course you will be able to create marionettes on your own. Many trade secrets only known to the few are here revealed.
Dan prepares the materials in his shop and ships it all out to location.