“There are moments in the theater when you realize, with a rush of gratitude, that a work of art is unfolding before you. Time is the invisible master of the theater so the apprehension of art does not hit you all at once (as in painting or sculpture). Instead, you are gradually sucked into another world and finally become the willing victim of a stranger’s imagination. When this happens it does not matter that the content be profound or simple-the power of art sweeps all before it. A triumph of art was witnessed during a performance of Dan Butterworth and his Marionettes. It was an evening of pure delight: of enchantment.

Dan has fashioned each marionette and each performs according to his desire. He does not make himself scarce behind the wings, but accompanies each marionette onto the stage. A peculiar thing happens-as the marionettes begin to move, to dance, to prance, Dan disappears, he has set a spell upon the audience, sitting on their heads, crawling onto their laps, sashaying up and down the aisles: the whim of an invisible force called Dan Butterworth!”