Set Design

Butterworth’s crew is able to create full ‘moving’ flats for large and small theater and film events. Due to years experience making puppet and puppet sets, powerful effects can be created with less materials and less cost.

These effects are not ‘less’ in impact by any means.

For example: in 2006 Dan was hired as set designer for a full production of Johann Strauss’ Die Fledermaus at the St. Petersburg Palladium Opera House. On this stage the orchestra was situated upstage of the actors.

Therefore it was imperative that all sets did not block audience view of the orchestra. Two changeable sets set to the side with minimal props in the middle allowed each act to be simply transformed into the next.

In 2006 Dan was hired to be the set designer for a production of the great comic opera- Die Fledermaus at the Paladium Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida.

With much discussion over the phone and email, Dan and his trusty collaborator, Dave Clarke created the set pieces. The Paladium uniquely puts the orchestra upstage from the audience. Any stage pieces had to reside mostly to the sides and couldn’t block the audience’s view of the musicians.

And, the pieces had to be able to break down and travel in crates to the theater.

Dave and Dan accomplished all this in record time, Dan flew down to St. Pete, and the pieces were reassembled on stage. While there, it was determined that a center ‘French Door’ was needed. Dan used materials on hand and assembled this just in time for the dress rehearsal. Dan also performed a short piece in the opera.

The making of the pieces, the stage set, and the performance are all pictured here.

The two major set pieces were designed to swivel around, have pieces added and subtracted, flip up and down, all during quick scene changes.

Two ‘doorways’ served both as entryways for the actors and ‘anchors’ for the extended attached and hinged painted flats.