Wheelchair Theater



Butterworth Wheelchair Theaters

Our unique wheelchair production stations & theater machines are specifically designed for two distinct markets:

1. Schools, organizations, hospitals and individuals.
2. Established theaters.

Butterworth Productions designed & invented these Mobile Effects Platforms or MEPs to attach simply to existing wheelchairs. Essentially the chassis, they slip tightly onto key points. Within minutes these magical containers lock securely. A battery sits below the seat. An installed and integrated power inverter allows for many options: sound system, video projector, DVD player (with mp3, DVD, and laptop inputs), 250 watt ‘shadow’ lamp, and many other lighting effects. Smooth opening doors make it easy to move back and forth from ‘Theater’ to open chair. A driver has control of an infinite combination of creative images and moves. Every switch, wire, control button and fader is placed in easy reach to enhance the quick learning process and speedy control of all effects. Two state of the art Shadow Puppets with 17 moving parts are sold with each chair.

Many theatrical tasks can be solved by the use of one or more ‘Chairs’. For example, scenery can be quietly moved from set to set, lights can be transported to specific spots, and actors can be hidden till needed. Or- custom animated ‘side car’ flats can attach to ‘Chairs’. Animals, Birds, or Dinosaurs can leap and bound- all manipulated from the ‘Chair’.

Also available are Basic Wheelchair Theater Packages that easily attach to the front of a chair or walker supporting a screen and light. Instructions detail how to add effects to all models. These ‘Chairs’ are seen as innovative machines enhancing performances, as educational devices, and as therapeutic engines for repair. Looking for a Chair Theater that fits elegantly into your home?-  These special models are beautifully constructed by skilled furniture makers with curved lines, creative wood choices, and smooth movement. Working with clients, custom decorative elements are added to fit a particular need or aesthetic.

In collaboration with Rick Bausman and the Drum-Workshop.Inc. we can now offer full theatrical events (music and drama)- Rick and his nonprofit organization have been attaching musical instruments to wheelchairs and instructing users for the last 25 years both here and abroad. Expert instruction from theater and music professionals can make beginners proficient in a short period of time. The therapeutic and physical benefits are scientifically proven

Our mission is: to provide units that can easily attach to wheelchairs transforming them into ‘Theater Machines’ designed to project images to onboard screens from ‘shadow characters’ and video projectors, and to transport animated flats; to open whole worlds of fun and to enhance lives educationally and creatively.

“Primary Stakeholders”

1. Those with disabilities who wish to explore the worlds of theater and interactive projection.
2. Organizations who work with those with disabilities.
3. Those who wish to assist family or friends.

Using doors and windows with ingenious attaching devices, these prefabricated ‘Theater’ pieces easily set onto existing wheelchairs in minutes. Each Chair Theater comes with one screen, two shadow figures, three lighting ‘effects’, a sophisticated ‘tray’ with electronic controls, and places to attach a sound system and video projector. Users can either enter and leave easily from other chairs or detach the pieces when done and store in an area one foot thick by three feet wide by five feet high. Most closets will suffice.

“Key Market”
Schools, hospitals, veteran centers, and all and sundry who use wheelchairs regularly or now and then.Also for theaters and individuals who wish to enhance the lives of wheelchair users. These ‘Chair Theaters’ can be choreographed to work in concert or alone- in front of many or for individual enjoyment, stationary or in a complex ‘dance’.

“Contribution & Distinction”

We provide simple and complex ‘entertainment’ machines that attach easily to existing wheelchairs and walkers allowing wheelchair users to take part solely or in groups in theatrical events. Simple versions and complex versions are available.

High quality, low priced artistically and technically superior machines that provide high end entertainment for the users and potential audiences. A sophisticated chargeable power system feeds both the sound and light aspects of the Chair keeping it mobile.